LightHearts UK provides holistic healing and massage therapies such as Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu & Reiki as well as relaxation & meditation classes.

Holistic therapies provide many health benefits including muscle pain relief, stress & anxiety reduction and help with insomnia. They can also help those suffering from bad backs, headaches and digestion problems. (For the FREE online LightHearts UK mental wellbeing course, please visit our Mental Wellbeing page here.)

Massage techniques combined with healing work such as Reiki intensifies the experience bringing with it feelings of peace, security and well-being. Every massage session is tailored-made to suit the needs of each client. With each treatment, a thorough consultation is conducted to pinpoint any physical or mental health issues that require attention. To get the most out of the treatments and allow your body and mind to fully heal to the maximum, a block of four sessions - one per week - is recommended, followed by monthly 'top-ups'. Some people prefer to just take single sessions when needed, in which case one-off sessions can be arranged.


Reflexology is the ancient art of foot massage based on the principle that reflex points on the feet correspond to each organ and part of the body.  By applying massage techniques to these reflex points, the body's natural healing process is put into action, and balance is then restored to the body. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating massage. Price: Reflexology: 1 hour = £35 per session.

Indian Head & Face Massage

The ancient art of Ayurvedic or Indian Head Massage helps to relax the nervous system and eliminate fatigue, increasing the circulation to the head which nurtures the hair follicles, helping to reduce headaches and promote healthy sleep. It includes massage on the upper back, neck and shoulders as well as the head, face and scalp using acupressure points (called Marmas in Indian) which works on many of the areas that store tension - a treatment that provides an enveloping feeling of relaxation and healing with the added benefit of encouraging the facial muscles to relax, leaving the skin looking fresher and younger. Price:  Indian Head & Face Massage: 30-minutes = £25 per session.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu in Japanese means ‘finger pressure’. It is a highly effective full body massage where the client is fully clothed and seated in a shiatsu massage chair – which is extremely beneficial and comfortable for those suffering from back pain. As well as muscle massage, the acupressure points (called Tsubos in Japanese) are also stimulated, helping the body to re-adjust itself and heal naturally while releasing body tension and relaxing the mind. Price: Shiatsu: 45 minutes = £30 per session.

Reiki Massage

Reiki is a complimentary healing therapy from Japan that helps the body's natural energy to flow. This soothing gentle massage concentrates on key positions on the body to stimulate the body's auto-healing process. Katya has developed this unique massage to help relieve certain areas of pain and aid stress reduction and promote good sleep. It can also help boost energy and promote emotional clarity and calm, leaving you with a blissful feeling of calm and peace. The benefits of Reiki are now being recognised by the NHS who are currently starting to introduce the therapy to help patients in hospitals and hospices. This treatment is also available in pure Reiki form without the massage which can be done without the removal of clothing. Price: Reiki Massage: 30-minutes = £25 per session. 1 hour = £35 per session. Pure Reiki: 30 minutes = £20 per session.

Swedish Detox Massage

A Swedish massage using moisturising oils helps to detox the body and release tension from the muscles. This firm and rejuvenating full-body treatment incorporates massage to the arms, hands, legs, feet, face, head, back, shoulders and neck (a stomach massage is also available). Especially good for people who suffer from stiff muscles and painful joints. The fluid massage movements and deep pressure to the muscles helps to eliminate toxins and bring the body into balance. Price: Swedish Massage - Full Body: 1 hour = £40 per session.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This relaxing treatment is especially good for those who hold stress and tension in their upper body. This firm treatment helps to soothe tense muscles and deal with knotted areas in the back, neck and shoulders. For those who require extra work on tense muscles, a 45-minute session can be arranged where any knots can be worked on more intensely, using 'frictions' - a technique that uses fingers, knuckles, palms and elbows.  Price: Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage: 30-minutes = £25 per session or Intense Session: 45-minutes = £30 per session. 

Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Massage

A specially designed massage that allows the client to be rested on their side throughout the massage which includes gentle massage for the legs, arms, neck and back. (This is also very good for non-pregnant clients who find it difficult to lay on their backs or stomachs or who have severe back problems). It's a safe massage treatment for the whole body which provides relief from muscle tension caused by the softening of the joints and weight increase during pregnancy. It also provides relief from excess fluid in the limbs. Please note: The massage can only be carried out during the second and third trimester (not during the first) and should come with GP or midwife consent.  Post-pregnancy massage can be done at any time, and does not require doctor's consent. Price: Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Massage: 45 minutes = £35 per session.

Well-Being Packages

If you're looking to make a real breakthrough in your physical and mental health, this course of Well-Being Packages will help you make the life-changing transformation you need. The 90-minute sessions are tailored-made especially for your particular life and health issues, comprising of deep meditation & relaxation exercises to tackle the obstacles in your life, rounded off with a massage session of your choice to target any physical issues, together with Reiki healing to leave you with a powerful feeling of calm, peace and renewed inner strength. Price: Well-Being Packages: 90 minutes = £50 per session. Or a course of 12 once-a-month sessions for £500.

Mental Wellbeing

The LightHearts UK free 10 week mental health course is available now. Effective techniques from around the world have been pulled together to introduce well-respected relaxation practises such as meditation, breathing techniques, mindfulness, self-massage and acupressure. Relaxation is scientifically proven to offer physical and mental health benefits and these sessions have been specially formulated by a senior NHS community psychiatric nurse to provide simple but effective techniques that can be used in any stressful situation.  Please go to the LightHearts UK Mental Wellbeing page to discover more about the course.

All sessions must be paid for in full and at least 48 hours notice is needed in case of cancellation. Unfortunately we cannot accept cheques.

Discounts & Offers: 

  • Gift vouchers for one-off treatments or course of treatments.
  • Special discounts for block booking

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