Testimonials for Massage & Reiki

After suffering years of upper back pain, neck stiffness, and carpal tunnel symptoms I discovered LightHearts UK and the lovely Katya. After a series of five back, neck and shoulder massages I am virtually pain free. A taster session of reflexology was amazing. Now I’m addicted to Katya’s fantastic massages followed by an Indian Head and Face Massage. I can’t speak highly enough of Katya who is so warm and welcoming and puts you immediately at ease. Awesome lady!
— H. Milton
Katya has worked wonders for my aches and pains in my back and shoulders. After a bout of flu and feeling unwell for weeks, after just 2 sessions, I felt so much better. Katya is a warm and welcoming, and within a very peaceful environment has the magic touch - I highly recommend a visit as it’s great for general well being.
— A. Cumming
I was delighted with the Swedish Massage because I’d been looking for the right therapist for a while. The treatment was wonderful. It was a good mixture of calming, stimulating and rejuvenating - and much appreciated by my knotted and aching shoulders! I would definitely recommend Katya to others as I enjoyed the experience very much.
— B. Harvey
I have had four sessions now involving Reiki, reflexology and shiatsu massage. My life has been incredibly stressful over the last two years - I was getting a lot of migraines, low mood and feeling quite depressed. But after these sessions I feel like a new person and a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. All the pain I held in my joints through stress and upset have evaporated! Katya truly has magic hands.
— N. Kosecki
Lovely lady, very good treatment. Professional service, really felt the benefit. Would definitely return.
— J. Blackwell
Katya came to my home for the therapy session. With her caring & thoughtfulness, she prepared a lovely welcoming, warm & relaxing atmosphere, just like a therapy room. I was instantly at ease. I had never experienced Reiki or Shiatsu so didn’t know what to expect. But all I can say is that I was sent to another place full of peace & serenity. I even saw warm colour in my mind. I have EDS Hypermobility & have pain in most of my joints. I was left feeling like I could walk on air, helped by some Reflexology on my feet. I would definitely recommend Katya, especially to anyone with a chronic condition like mine.
— L. Giller
I have problems with my knees, but after the Swedish massage I went up the stairs a lot easier. I loved the feet massage. Very relaxing.
— A. Wright
Having seen Katya over a three month period the benefits have been amazing. My health is a lot better than it was. I am calmer in myself and look forward to my sessions with Katya who has so much to offer.
— S. White
A fabulous massage. Totally relaxing.
— J. O'Rawe
My session with Katya was so memorable that I will keep seeing her whenever possible. The reflexology work was utterly soothing and relaxing with this surge of energy going through my body as she was doing Reiki on me. Afterwards, I felt refreshed, renewed, and just overall lighter in my whole body. I would definitely recommend Katya to anyone looking for holistic treatments for their body and soul.
— Y. Lee
Katya at LightHearts UK was such a welcoming, friendly and calming lady and made me feel at ease right away when I arrived for my massage. The consultation at the beginning addressed all of my needs, the treatment itself was incredible and very relaxing and I look forward to my next treatment with her! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
— S. Rossiter
My session with Katya was amazing. I’d never had reflexology or shiatsu massage before so I didn’t know what to expect. I came with an open mind and left with the uttermost feeling of bliss! Katya is so warm and welcoming, she put me at ease instantly. During the treatment I went into a complete relaxed state under her soothing hands and have been feeling very calm since. I thoroughly recommend her.
— J. Hunt
My Swedish massage was a most relaxing experience. Katya has great hands which found all the areas that required her excellent techniques. Would definitely recommend.
— I. Morris
Fantastic full body massage done by very professional lady. Have already booked again!
— M-J. Bennett
I look forward to my Swedish Massage and Reflexology sessions with Katya. Twice a month I treat myself and my body, alternating the treatments. She is very conscientious to my individual needs. I don’t leave without booking my next appointment. Thoroughly recommended.
— D. Strachan
Katya is a warm, thoughtful and approachable practitioner with a delightful sense of humour. I enjoyed several sessions of head massage and Reiki treatments. Both were transporting, soothing, and realigned me so I enjoyed their positive effects for days. I highly recommend her work.
— C. Gibson-Smith
Very professional and friendly welcoming therapist. The massage was so relaxing. Absolutely loved it. One of the best I have tried!
— M. Abdullah
I had the most wonderful experience of a Swedish massage - my first and it will definitely not be my last! I cannot recommend it enough. A thoroughly relaxing hour in the hands of Katya.
— P. Grosse
Really cool little place in nice town in Kent. Relaxing and very welcoming therapist. Will definitely visit again soon.
— N. Pauli
What I experienced in my Reiki session with Katya is that the heart is lit up! I truly felt so much love pouring through me as she did her wonderful work in de-blocking my energy.
— D. Bournand
Katya was very smiley and welcoming and set me at ease as soon as I arrived. She explained everything about the Swedish Detox treatment and looked after my needs throughout. I felt incredibly relaxed during the massage. After the massage, Katya talked me through areas that could do with extra attention, which I found beneficial. For some time afterwards, I felt relaxed and I would have liked to have gone home for a snooze! I will definitely be booking in again. Thank-you very much.
— T. Hennah
Absolutely lovely, very welcoming and professional.
— K. Gillett
I arrived feeling tired and preoccupied, and left feeling energised and hopeful. This is the magic of Katya. She is kind, generous and witty, and she knows how to set the stage for a soulful and uplifting experience.
— C. Lebel
An absolute professional who is caring and gentle. I am profoundly grateful. The session was so much more than I expected or imagined.
— R. Fernandez Hansen
Never having had Reiki before I was instantly put at ease with Katya’s calming and professional approach. Both the Reiki itself and the head massage were wonderful, managing to both relax and invigorate in equal measures. As an advocate of treating anxiety and stress in a non- pharmacological way I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough. A must for all those who need to care for themselves a little bit more.
— E. Axham
Katya is an excellent therapist and gave me the most soothing and relaxing Swedish massage - a most fruitful hour. I must book another session asap!
— E. Marner
I love having reflexology with Katya. It’s not just relaxing and de-stressing but also revitalising. My whole body feels the benefits for days after each session. It tunes up my body, soothes my mind and keeps everything in balance. She is an amazing practitioner.
— L. Moody
Katya sets up a warm and caring atmosphere from the off. Having had Reiki before I was aware of the process but I had never experienced that level of energy from a practitioner before. I had very vivid images, a huge sensation of love and clarity to a few issues that had been bothering me. Absolutely recommended.
— L. Conran
Katya has a beautiful, calm, professional approach to Reiki. Instantly putting me at ease, her treatment ensured relaxation. My session was simply lovely.
— K. Hickson-Smith
Katya’s working ethics are wonderful, and she really cares for her client when practicing her Reiki healing. In fact during her training day, her client Maria found her Reiki treatment so relaxing she has been talking about what an amazing treatment she had ever since. Katya also takes part in our regular Reiki share. She has wonderful energies and other Reiki people in the group always comment on her healing & energy.
— J. Graydon-Rhodes - Reiki Master
Katya is wonderful! Her back and shoulder massages are amazing and I feel lighter and more relaxed after every visit. She’s a very important part of my well-being. Thank you Katya!
— K. Jones
My session of Reiki was incredibly relaxing and afterwards I felt invigorated and bouncy with happiness lasting a few days. Equally my sessions of Reflexology have been so relaxing emotionally and physically - I don’t think my mind and body have ever felt so relaxed. Katya is so lovely, she makes you feel at ease instantly. She is warm, fun and caring. An amazing practitioner.
— S. Khan-Tootal
I am still dreaming about the calming, soothing atmosphere when Katya worked her Indian head massage magic on me. It was a cold, wintry day outside and her immediate warmth and compassion began the session with the perfect mix of peace, relaxation, and connection. I await her return with the same anticipation one awaits a beautiful sunset on a summer day. The perfect way to connect yourself to the bigger universe with joy and gratitude.
— M. Nightingale

Testimonials for Mindfulness & Relaxation Courses

Katya’s classes are thoroughly thought out and prepared. They are delivered with clear explanations of the techniques which draw eclectically on traditional practices to illuminate contemporary thinking on the value of mind-calming and deep relaxation for health and more positive ways of dealing with life.
— J. Telling
From the first session, I was made to feel at ease in the relaxed atmosphere. Katya was so friendly and welcoming and her positiveness certainly rubbed off on me. Each session was well structured with enough time to practice all the techniques. The explanation of each technique was easy to understand & was very informative. I have come away from the 6 weeks feeling that I have been given many tools to help me with my mental well-being. Katya is an amazing teacher and I would recommend anyone to come and see her to try mindfulness. Thank you so much for believing in me and giving me the courage to go for it!
— Wendy T
The sessions exceeded my expectations! I was quite cynical before I started but the techniques that I learnt were easy to implement into everyday life. Thank you Katya - your warm, friendly and welcoming approach helped me to instantly feel at ease. I genuinely enjoyed every session. Also the setting that you have provided for your sessions is perfect. Beautifully decorated and tranquil. I feel so hopeful now and happier in every way! I am very grateful.
— Anna B
Before I would drag my negative thoughts with me like a ball and chain. Now my neck and shoulders feel more relaxed and I feel able to replace negative thoughts for the first time ever. I really enjoyed the classes and I continue to use the relaxing techniques. Katya has such a lovely calm voice I found it easy to drift into a relaxed state.
— Marie
It’s been great to take some time out of my busy life just for me. Katya is a great teacher. She is so calm herself that she makes you feel relaxed. We have covered such a range that you’re sure to find something to suit you.
— Davina
Katya has a lovely clear calm speaking voice which is soothing in itself. During a guided meditation when one has one’s eyes closed I feel she is talking specially and only to me.
— L. Dunphy
I go to a Relaxation Class every other week held by Katya at Headway West Kent. She tailors the class to our needs. We all get so much from it. Katya has this aura about her which just takes you to a magical peaceful place. Thank you.
— D. Strachan

Testimonials for online mental health courses

I don’t know how to thank you guys enough. I think you’ve done an absolutely incredible thing here and I will be forever grateful. This course has helped to give me some kind of structure to taking care of my mental health for the first time, and introduced me to so many new techniques.
— Emily G
You have really helped me during a tough time and I have shared with someone else who also needs this. Thank you so much.
— Faye E
I love your course. I am only in week four but I especially love the cloud meditation and autogenic calming session. This has been really really powerful and helpful to me. Keep up the good work.
— Emma J
Five weeks into the course and already feeling effects. Thank you so much. Very, very glad I found you.
— A. Johnson
Having a read of the course and doing the progressive muscle relaxation. It’s all very user friendly and I feel very relaxed now. Very impressive and an incredible amount of resources. You should be proud.
— Louise H
My Girl Scout Troop and myself wanted to say thank you for your pages. Since the other mothers and I want to encourage the girls to be able to talk to somebody if they, or somebody they know, needs help; we have decided to talk to them about mental health. While doing research, my troop found your resources to be so helpful while they are working very hard on earning their Healthy Living badges. Thanks so much!
— Tabitha B
Thank you for your very helpful guidance.
— Charles N
What I love already is that it’s not full of psycho-babble, which is complicated in the first place, and when you’re already feeling exhausted becomes downright impenetrable. LightHearts UK have written practical, simple explanations of how our brains work against us at times, and how to shut it down....If, like me, you’re fearful of confronting emotions that you’ve been trying to push away for a long time, just know that LightHearts UK have made this a safe space to explore those feelings.
— Camilla King - Standard Issue Magazine
Thank you for the Mental Wellbeing Course that you have put together. I have anxiety and OCD, and have done for many years. I listen to the Standard Issue podcast and heard you guys on there talking and decided to try the 10 week course. Even on week 2, the improvement on my mental health and outlook was already greater than I had experienced before. Your friendly, honest, humorous approach, combined with little tips from your own experience is just what helped me through. It was like chatting with a friend and relating to things you have experienced yourselves which you kindly shared on the course. I now have just the one week left to go but plan on continuing and refreshing my memory regularly. Thank you so much for your time and effort you have put into the course. With our beloved NHS being stretched to its limit, this is such a lifeline.
— Emily

From Mental Health Professionals for the online mental health course

This is an invaluable resource. Many of the patients I work with are unable to secure counselling for depression and anxiety. I will certainly keep this available and introduce patients to this in the primary care office. Thanks for sharing!
— C Froude, Family Medicine Residency
Excellent initiative which will be highly appreciated. Thanks to the organizers and contributors!
— H Akbari, Team Leader
This is a great resource. Thank you.
— Dr. R Lakhani, Clinical Research
This is a great initiative. Easy to read and apply. Thanks a lot for sharing.
— T Owondo, Psychiatric Clinical Officer
The UK is so generous with their materials! Thank you. Passing it on to many!
— S Williams, MEd LPC BCC
Wow this is amazing! Thanks for stepping up to the plate in helping people connect to services.
— A Paz, CEO Business Coping Skills
Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.
— W Hathaway, Clinical Coordinator Outpatient Psychiatry Dept
— L Crites, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Coach
Very practical, easy to read/understand and lovely to listen! Seriously, well-done, a generous gift to us all. Thank you!!!
— M Wismann-Guest, Community Mental Health Liaison
This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
— G Djiogo, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counsellor
A marvellous idea!
— S Dowlutta, Primary Care Team
— C Malkin, Psychotherapist
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