LightHearts UK Mental Wellbeing Course

Welcome! You have landed here at the LightHearts UK Mental Wellbeing Course and over the next 10 weeks we'll be showing you some simple techniques and tips - which we call "Mental Fixits" - to help you keep on top of your stress, anxiety or depression.

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So whether you're from the UK or further afield, and whether you're feeling just a bit below par or are suffering from a diagnosed mental illness, we hope our mental wellbeing course and our Mental Fixits will go some way to bringing a big dose of peace, calm and wellbeing into your lives.

So let us introduce ourselves:

LightHearts UK is run by: Katya Jezzard-Puyraud, a mindfulness instructor and holistic massage therapist, and Liz Axham, who works for the National Health Service as a senior psychiatric nurse and who has worked extensively with people suffering from severe anxiety and depression.

Together we wanted to share our knowledge and experience to really make a difference to anyone who feels a bit overwhelmed with life. But don't think this is going to be some dry old 'how-to' course with two perfect, shiny, calm people telling you what to do. We've been there. We've both got the oversized T-shirts. We've personally suffered from various problems such as addiction, depression and the type of panic attacks that leave you on the floor unable to move.

Over the years we’ve learned some really diverse and interesting methods from all around the world that have helped us, not only in our professional lives, but also in our darkest moments. Anyone can do them and the good news is that with us it doesn't cost a bean either. (Just to make this clear, this course is absolutely and totally FREE. There are no catches. There are no sales pitches. We are doing this purely in the spirit of sharing.) And the wonderful news is that this course actually works - click here on our testimonials page to read about how our course has helped people keep on top of their mental wellbeing (and in some cases even changed lives!)
But we also had another very important reason for launching this course - to help ease the burden on the UK National Health Service. NHS mental health teams are trying their very best to deliver care to the millions of people who suffer with mental illness. But the overstretched doctors, nurses and care teams are finding this increasingly difficult due to budget cuts. This has led to enormous amounts of people suffering from anxiety or depression who are unable to access - or afford - the help they need.

So we've decided to pool our information and resources (with the help of some very generous people listed on our credits page) to produce a free 10-week online course that will give sufferers a way of helping themselves while they wait for treatment or therapy. And for those who aren’t in need of treatment, but who just need some TLC to deal with stress at work or stress at home, we hope that some of you might make enough progress by yourselves that there'll be a reduced need to seek professional help.

(Just a little disclaimer here – this course is NOT a substitute for therapy, medication or treatment. If you’re currently receiving treatment or taking medication for your condition, keep going. If you start to feel better, go back to your doctor and discuss how you’re feeling with them before you do anything drastic. Good. Glad that’s clear.)

So by way of introduction, here's a little bit about us both so you can find out who we are and how we can hopefully help you.

Liz Axham has been working as a community psychiatric nurse for the past 20 years with five of those years spent with the mental health team in Hackney, East London.  She’s a qualified Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) with a specialist degree in community mental health nursing and is currently working as a senior mental health nurse with the community mental health team in East Anglia.

Liz Axham - Senior Community Psychiatric Nurse

Liz Axham - Senior Community Psychiatric Nurse

Katya Jezzard-Puyraud - Holistic Massage Therapist

Katya Jezzard-Puyraud - Holistic Massage Therapist


Katya Jezzard-Puyraud is a qualified holistic massage therapist and mindfulness instructor who works in Kent treating people with a wide-range of conditions including chronic pain, muscular problems, stress, insomnia and anxiety. She has also worked with charities and local community groups providing mental wellbeing & relaxation classes.

So now you know a little bit about us, why not do your mental health a favour and have a go at Week 1? We’ll be there - metaphorically speaking - to hold your hand every step of the way. Just keep at it, week after week and see the progress you make.  And by the end of Week 10 something amazing might happen. You might just find you’re a lot stronger and more resourceful than you ever imagined.

And if you have a friend or relative or colleague that you think might benefit from a course such as ours, be our guest and pass it along. Perhaps do the course together and motivate each other? Whatever works for you. (Just click on the share buttons on the bottom of the page.) 

So to get started, click on the link below for Week 1 of our mental wellbeing course.

Mental Wellbeing Course – Week 1

Sending you all good luck & good wishes from us both for a very calm and peaceful 10 weeks….

Kat & Liz

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