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Mindfulness & Massage with LightHearts in Tunbridge Wells

Healing, soothing, relaxing, calming - that’s the LightHearts mantra.

With qualifications in massage and mindfulness, our holistic approach puts your physical and mental wellbeing first - leaving you refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Find out how LightHearts can help you too.

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Meet Katya

A former journalist and screenwriter, Katya found her true calling with LightHearts UK. Applying her professionalism, studiousness and empathy to the practices of massage and mindfulness, Katya is dedicated to improving the lives of her clients.

A fully-qualified holistic massage therapist and mindfulness instructor, Katya makes sure every client is given an individual consultation to find out just where the source of pain is coming from - physical or mental.

Where some other therapy providers offer products, LightHearts aims to provide solutions. By sitting down and getting to know clients, Katya ensures that each treatment is tailor-made to that one person. No person is the same, and neither is a massage or mindfulness session.



LightHearts UK has developed a range of fully comprehensive mindfulness courses which cover all the main mindfulness techniques to allow you to finally take control of your life and emotions.

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Lighten Your Heart with Holistic Massages


Back, Neck, Shoulder

Perfect for tense necks, shoulders & back problems.

Reiki Massage

A deeply healing massage when you need extra care.

Swedish Massage

A detoxing & rejuvenating full-body massage.

Indian Head Massage

A soothing, calming head and face massage.


A relaxing foot massage using Chinese acupressure.

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle massage for pregnancy & post-pregnancy.

Mental Wellbeing

When you need a little extra help with your mental health, why not give our free online mental wellbeing course a try! Our 10-week course was specially developed by a senior NHS psychiatric nurse to help those suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.

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Rest & Relax

The therapy room in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells is the perfect place to leave your troubles behind, and make the most of your massage or mindfulness course. With its picturesque setting, soft tones and cosy decor, you’ll find your home away from home.


Healing hearts & minds…


“I have had four sessions now involving reiki, reflexology and massage. I was getting a lot of migraines, low mood and feeling quite depressed. But after these sessions I feel like a new person and a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. All the pain I held in my joints through stress has evaporated. Katya truly has magic hands.”

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Download the book…

Download the LightHearts UK ‘Mental Fixits’ mental health course!

Our book includes the whole 10-week mental health course, along with personal stories from the LightHearts founders on how to deal with low self-esteem, eating disorders, depression, anxious thoughts and panic attacks. Now available for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Click HERE to go to Amazon and find out how you can download your copy now.


Wellbeing Blog

For in depth advice for your wellbeing, take a look at the LightHearts blog. Packed full of tips and inspiring personal stories of transformation, you might just find the motivation you’re looking for to turn your life around.

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Cold Showers – Can They Help Anxiety & Depression?

Scientific research into cold water hydrotherapy shows how a two minute cold shower can aid mental suffering.

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How The Anchoring Technique Can Help Panic Attacks

Learn this simple mental health anchoring technique to help ease panic attacks & stressful situations.

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The Science Of Happiness

Discover how the science of happiness is explained by Rick Hanson, a neuropsychologist, and Richard Mendius, a neurologist, in their book Buddha’s Brain.

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